Your Maven

Angela Nibbs

Mantra: The obstacle in the path is the path - Ryan Holiday

With two decades of PR experience, Angela revels in strategic planning, storyline development and program management. She has helped hundreds of companies accelerate business objectives and strategically plan communication narratives. She has deeply rooted connections with the Silicon Valley influencer communities and is a trusted peer and leader, resource and counselor to some of the most powerful business executives, venture capitalists and journalists in the country. Angela’s client portfolio includes engagements with tech stalwarts, VMware and Rimini Street; startups Chime, Tenor (acq. Google), Glassdoor (acq. Recruit Holding Co. Ltd.) and Dame Products; and iconic consumer and lifestyle brands Zazzle, Refinery 29, Karl Lagerfeld, Neutrogena, and Chesebrough-Ponds (now owned by Unilever), A native New Yorker and recovering attorney, she has held senior level positions at H+K Strategies, Edelman Worldwide, DKC and Spark PR.